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Rear break light, not working!

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  • Rear break light, not working!

    Hey all,

    Not sure if this should be entered under Electrical or Mechanical but...
    here's my problem...
    The Suzuki GSX 600 kat... The rear break light doesn't work, The front Does.. so.. it's a process of elimination.. therefore established it's not the bulb!
    which brings me next to the break light switch/sensor
    and so under closer inspection it appears There's no switch unless it is concealed from general view, admittedly i just took a brief look, and would appreciate anyone whom may know where the rear break light switch/sensor/cable is typically located, i assumed it would be connected to the break lever.. <shrugs>
    pictures of where it's located would be great!

    model and year to follow


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    The switch is there. Probably like my 2001, it's hidden behind the foot guard.

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      Thanks for prompt reply squiggy,
      I did go so far as to remove the foot gaurd.. and still couldn't see it... i'll remove it again tomorrow and take some close up's..
      perhaps someone may notice something untoward!
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        It's way up in the frame and it's only about the size of your thumb. There's a small diameter spring that connects the brake pedal to the switch, just follow that. Mine has been broken for years (the plastic piece that connects to the brake pedal spring broke) and I've never cared enough to replace it.
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