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Wiring problem

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  • Wiring problem

    Please help. I am wiring up the bike and have headlights, tail lights and blinkers all working. I have hooked up main part of wiring harness and the wire to make it crank. There is one single red wire that is not being hooked up to anything? I do now know where and what this gets hooked up to.... I just want to make sure everything gets put in correctly. Please help. Red wire is kinda by teh battery but the battery is all hooked up fine.

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    It's possible it's a dead ended spare. If it's red with no stripe, it's direct off the battery. most harnesses are made with extra unused wires so they are compatable across quite a few different models of skoot. keeps the costs down in manufacturing and stocking. year and model would prolly help too, but getting a wiring diagram for your skoot out of your service manual would help more.
    99% of the questions asked here can be answered by a 2 minute search in the service manual. Get a service manual, USE IT.
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      I recommed that most people get a wiring diagram for their bikes. Almost all the manuals have it in the back. They aren't always easy to read but it tells you what every wire is for. I would agree that it could be a spare end.
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