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Gauge cluster LED upgrade? ANyone!

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  • Gauge cluster LED upgrade? ANyone!

    Anyone modded their Gauge cluster with brighter whiter LEDs in place of the bulbs? Well i am looking to upgrade the incandescent bulbs to LEDS and curious if anyone has done it yet.
    ALso how to pull it apart and wiring info.

    OK well i searched it has been done before but no pictures or write ups.
    SOme good info tho.
    Who has pics..
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    You got me on this one. I'm willing to bet that someone on this forum has done it before. Have you tried doing an internet search/ katriders search for it?


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      Here ya go fellas....this has some info about an LED change that a member on here did to a 2000 kat.

      On the pre-98's, its a simple matter of removing the windscreen and pulling the bulbs from the back of each gauge pod. The bulb types are #74. I replaced the three in my pre-98 with super-bright white LEDs from

      Hope this helps.
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        I'm sure someone had done it some where. I'm gonna do my own research on this one..


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          yeah i did it .. not pics though as it is pretty easy to do. you used to be able to get the buld w/ sockets and just plug them all in. Someone mentioned they no longer stock those where i bought mine a few years ago.
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            Originally posted by joe View Post

            Here ya go fellas....this has some info about an LED change that a member on here did to a 2000 kat.
            +1 ... best thread I've seen on the matter. Debating on whether I want to spend $100+ on LED's to upgrade the gauges & signals. Think it's worth $60 for a pair of these?


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