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93 katana 600 start button

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  • 93 katana 600 start button

    I bought a 93 katana 600 and the guy i bought it from for some reason disconnected the start button and connected a toggle switch to start it with. i would like to reconnect the start button because well..that makes more sense than having a toggle switch just dangling around haha. but I have no idea how to do this or what parts I will need. anyone have any suggestions?

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    Put a thread in the parts wanted section and someone will answer. Or search here: Art and Motorcycles Home Page


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      It doesn't appear that you have enough posts to start a new post there yet. However, I tend to check out Ebay for 99cent min. bids. There are frequently a fair number of good deals out there. I would strongly encourage you to put the stock starter switch back on. You may cause serious engine/ starter damage if the attempt to start the engine while it is already running.
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        just ask Arsenic to sell you a right side switch assy and replace the whole mess
        99% of the questions asked here can be answered by a 2 minute search in the service manual. Get a service manual, USE IT.
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