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Battery type?

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  • Battery type?

    Might need a new battery and I've never really done much research on them. Found the standard acid filled, and the newer maintenance free gel filled.

    Anyone have opinions about which is better long term? Are the maintenance free really that stable, or do you end up replacing them faster than the acid filled?


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    I just replaced my battery.. literally about 20 minutes ago. i went with a convnetion lead acid. 3 year full replacement warranty and 9 year prorated replacement warraty. cost about $60 at wally world. I thought about going to a gel but the cost at >$100 jsut does nto appeal to me. Now if it was a race car or something like that. All my cars (classic and modern) use lead acid. The key for me is placing the battery on a battery tender at 1amp charge when storing or not riding for a while.
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      I use the cheapy ones from JCW you can get for less than $40 shipped . Work just fine for me . My charging system even runs quite high (15+v sometimes ) , and the cheap batteries do just fine for me .
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