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Ignition issues...need some help

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  • Ignition issues...need some help

    Found a great deal on a '95 600kat. The owner broke the chain on it a year ago and had a buddy try to change it out who had no idea what he was doing and broke the clutch/spocket cover. The bike has sat covered since then and the owner is selling.

    I went to check it out and see if the bike would at least turn over, but had no luck. It has auxiliary power but the starter won't turn over or even try to engage. Don't really want to by a bike that is locked up so I would like to see it at least turn.

    My questions:
    Is there a clutch safety that wont allow the starter to engage unless the clutch is engaged?
    Is there a known problem with the ignition on this bikes?
    Any ideas to diagnose without tracing and replacing part of the wiring harness, starter, solenoid, etc.?
    Any other ideas?
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    If you just wanna see whether or not the engine is seized , I have two easy options for you ....
    New chain IS on ? Put the bike in 6th gear on the centerstand and spin the rear wheel by hand . Not an option ? Then pop off the ignition cover on the right side , grab that big bolt with a 17mm socket and rotate it clockwise .
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