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couple questions on safetying

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  • couple questions on safetying

    K... I bought a pre kat 600... Im working on getting it up to safety standards. so far i might have done more damage than good seeing as ive managed to break 3 of my 4 flush mount turn signals haha. oh well they seem to be an easy find. Im trying to run it as a naked bike so ive had to macgyver a couple little things. the horn doesn't work.. and I can't even find it inside my bike...
    jsut wondering if you can tell me where that is.. and if there's any other wiring things i should know about before i cause more damage

    first kat/ first bike... eager to get it on the road

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    The horn should be between the front forks.

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      horn wires are black, and black/blue stripe. alot of the horns mount to the bracket that holds the brake hose splitter just below the tripple tree
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