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Clear rear led turn signals problem

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  • Clear rear led turn signals problem

    I just purchased some clear led turn signals and spliced them in for my rear blinkers, but the blinkers will not blink; they stay solid when i turn them on. The turn signals that i purchased have two wires, a black and a yellow. The only way i can get them to work is when i wire the stock black to the yellow and the stock, white stripe to the black. Is there any way to make my new signals blink instead of being solid.

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    I am guessing the bike is a pre 98 ????

    locate the flasher and take it to your local auto parts dealer- Napa, Carquest who ever ,I just suggest some one that supplies repair garages because they should have a clue

    Get an electronic flasher with the same blade configuration ,cost about $5-10

    the LED will not light if polarity is wrong so it looks like that is OK ,It is just that the LED doesnt have enough load to make your old flasher work

    the search feature is your friend
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      the bike is an 88 600 thanks for the help though... im gonna have to check that out tomorrow


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        search " pre service manual "
        You will be able to find out where the flasher is and wiring diagrams everything
        Blood , its in you to give!


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          thank you i have the haynes manual on my computer so i should be able to find it in there also


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            i just replaced the flasher for about $3 at advance auto and everything works great; even the blinker that wasnt working at all started working... cant beat that