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Speedo reading to fast.

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  • Speedo reading to fast.

    I bought my bike used and on my first trip on the highway I was amazed I was going 120 and not flying by any cars. My speedo is definitely a little off. I havnt had a chance to get the gps and see exactly how far off I may do that today. Im assuming someone changed out a sprocket and its just reading faster than it really is going. How can I fix this? Ive heard of a speedo healer but im not sure what that does or if it can help me. The sensor unit is taken off the front sprocket inside the case right?
    My first bike: 2001 Suzuki GSX-F

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    Yep, you need a speedo healer. I'm not sure of the details either, but I know that is your solution.


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      I looked them up and saw they are about 100 bucks. How do they install is it plug and play or what? Do i need to know what size sprocket is in the bike for the healer to work?
      My first bike: 2001 Suzuki GSX-F


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        You sir, are in luck. I just did a write up on the how-to. Here it is, complete with pics and a vid

        ...and no, you don't need to know sprocket or tire sizes. All you need is your indicated speed and the actual speed.
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          But if i knew my actual speed I could just say to myself it reads 100 im actually going 85 and save myself 100 bucks.... lol
          My first bike: 2001 Suzuki GSX-F


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            Since the speedo-meter is electronic on the 98+ Kats, you may have a malfunctioning pick-up sensor at the front sprocket cover.

            I would to some diagnostics before investing in this accessory.
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              pull your front cover and count the teeth on both of your sprockets, surefire way to see if that is the problem
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                Originally posted by jeremy_nash View Post
                pull your front cover and count the teeth on both of your sprockets, surefire way to see if that is the problem
                or read the numbers stamped on the sprockets (which will have the tooth count on most of them)..

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                  I just test with my GPS every once in a while to account for tire wear. But I have a Pre, so it's a different story.

                  For example, if the Speedo reads 80, I'm doing 73. Simple enough. A buck 20 seems extreme though. Or yall drive really REALLY fast 'round those parts

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