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Major Turn Signal Problem!!!!Help!!!!

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  • Major Turn Signal Problem!!!!Help!!!!

    Ok first the bike: 1991 Katana 600

    Second, minor (issues) before major started: When I would turn the turn signals on with engine off they would not blink. They would just stay on solid.

    Third, singal set up (before major problem): Stock front and who ever owned it before me bought the smaller (Lock...something) turns that attach to the plate in the rear. All four had regular "old fashioned" light bulbs

    Fourth, New signal set up: LED front turns with the same rears as listed above.

    Finally, Major problem now: With LED turns installed on the front, and key on engine off, the turn signals come one and stay solid. (Just as before with the stock turns in front and minis in rear. No big deal. I can live with that.) BUT now with they key on and engine running the turn signals come on and stay on solid as well. They do not flash at all.

    This is driving me up a wall!!! LOL I know enough about electrical work to be dangerous. I'm hopeing that someone here with alot more electrical experience and assist me.

    I'm thinking (Hopeing, for cost of repair sake) that I just need to replace the relays. So far with the engine off key on turns on I can not hear any clicking from in front of the battery (or anywere for that matter) But they are on solid. Relays don't click turning them on either. Does this mean that the relays are "stuck" on??

    Thanks in advance to all who take the time to read this and respond. All input is greatly appriciated.
    Will Lemke (OOMPA)

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    Not sure about the pre's why the signal lights would stay on with key off

    the LEDS dont draw enough for the relay to function

    seach "manuals" and find the one for your bike
    Identify the signal relay(flasher)

    On the posts the signal relay and side stand relay are in same unit so that a bit of a problem

    if the relay is a simple 2 blade unit take it to a auto parts store like napa and ask them for a electronic flasher with the same blade configuration
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      Originally posted by OOMPA164 View Post
      Stock front and who ever owned it before me bought the smaller (Lock...something) turns
      Lock...something is probably Lockhart Phillips, an aftermarket distributor.

      For the LED's you may need a "load equalizer" connected for them to work properly.
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        Try the electronic can pick it up at any autoparts store...Autozone, Kragen, etc...

        I changed mine over from the regular to the electronic and it fixed the flasher problem.

        Just checked at my local Autozone and they run $5.99 in CA....price may vary depending on where you live in the US. They carry 2,3,4 prong ones so check your old one and see which one you need...
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          Thanks to all who replied. It indeed turned out to be the flasher. And just as jax had mentioned I in turn went to the local autozone and purchased an electronic turn signal flasher made by Blazer. A two prong flasher just like the delco from japan. Blazer listed it as an electronic flasher for Truck/RV. $8.99 later my turns work better than they did before. They work like they are suposed to key on engine off and key on engine on. Only difference is this flasher is round and there is no tab on the side like the old one for mounting. So zip ties work just as well.
          Will Lemke (OOMPA)


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            Sounds like they are hooked up wrong.

            I can't remember the color of the wires... but head over to the wiki, download the repair manual, and start investigating.

            The previous owner may have incorrectly hooked them up to work as running lights.

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              I'm thinking you missed a piece of info in the first post?
              Like that with the engine running the turn signals flashed?
              You only stated that they stayed on with the engine off..

              I think that with the engine on the increase in voltage to the system was allowing a change in current and making the flashers work..
              $8.99?? plug and play? That's worth it. For anyone else who sees this post you can get it done cheaper: