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Headlight adjustment

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  • Headlight adjustment

    What would be the correct headligtht adjusment and how would I do this adjustment I know I would need a wall and the bike needs to be a certain distance away but I dont know how far away and I dont know how far up the lights should be pointing. any and all input welcome and needed. I am asking because I installed my HID headlights and now need to make sure they are not blinding other people.
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    Park the bike 25 feet from the wall. The headlight beam should be the same height as the headlight..


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      At 10 meters the cut off should be 10 centimeters low.


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        Thanks for the question and answers, i was about to ask the same thing!

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          what screw does what adjustment

          what about the adjusting screws, there are two per side one on the top and one on the bottom (both sides) to adjust the left beam higher which of the screws would I turn (on the left side) and in which direction. and to adjust the same side, I would used the other one but in what direction would I turn that screw.
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            Donno,.. I just grab mine and move it..


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                Owner's manual... You need to get one.

                Meanwhile, upper knob (98+) adjusts the horizontal beam placement; lower kn0ob adjusts the vertical beam placement.

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                    During this procedure, does the bike need to be on the center stand, kick stand, or held upright by a second person? Thanks in advance.


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                      Nothing like reviving a thread from 'Nam.

                      I have a question for you: Would it make any sense to aim the headlight while the bike is on the side stand tilted off to one side?

                      I suppose you could use the center stand- if equipped. But I would say the best way would be to have a second person sitting on it upright like theyre riding it. This way the suspension is all compressed and basically like if one were riding.


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                        Hmm, with bike on side stand, you could set it up for cornering maybe . . . good as long as you are riding in a circle

                        Ideally, the headlights should be set up while the rider is sitting on the bike - rider weight can impact height.

                        But having established which knobs control vertical/horizontal I don't seem to be getting much movement from them. Are there any known tricks to mounting a headlight assembly? I've just fitted new mounts and a new headlight to my 2002 750 and trying to get it set up correctly.
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