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ignition trouble need pics

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  • ignition trouble need pics

    hi im trying too rebuild an 03 katana and i was wondering if anyone has one and if so could they send me a pic of the cdi box on there bike im a bit confused rite now is there two different kinds? any help is much appreciated thanks

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    Are you sure it's the CDI box? Check the continuity for the wires going to the box and all connectors first. Here's a part fiche which may help
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      Suzuki did change the CDI plug and it's wiring harness somewhere around 2003.

      Here a pic from the wiring harness side.

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        thanks guys that picture is exactly what i needed i think the one it has is bad because i checked the wires good resistance and all it will run for a second or two and then putters out every time i got the carbs cleaned the timing adjusted the plugs changed the coils are good any other suggestions i took it too the shop the other day and they said that they didnt know what was wrong with it so that was a waste of time