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got a ghost in bike

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  • got a ghost in bike

    i think i got a ghost in this has been put up for a while,never rode bike much before i put if wife wanted me to check it out so she can ride her. got bike out clean gas tank,clean carbs,put in new plugs.install battery off my bike cause it was new. crank her up and ran fine.rode it around my street for a few days to make sure it was's the problem..put tags on it and rode with a few friends..ran great then..heading home and stop put gas in her and went to crank her and nothing..everything was i was stuck. thought i could roll it off to crank, but fail.left bike and pick it up her home and she fired her rite up,no problem. rode her to friends house and same thing happen.we change out cdi box off his bike,still nothing happen. when i let it set for a few hours it will fire rite up..its a 1989 kat cant be coils cause they are new..someone plz help..i cant get no play at home till i get her bike fix...any ideals..thanks

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    If everything is going out (no lights, no nothing) then you probably have a loose or grounding primary wire, main fuse that is loosing connection, or something along those lines.

    I would suggest checking all harnesses for dmg, cleaning and greasing all connections.

    Oh, and make sure your battery cables are tight.

    93 750 Kat

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      harness looks like new,all connections are grease,ground is good. it will not start now,been sitting all night,but did notice that oil light was on and park lights were 1/2 on, even with fresh battery just bought and just charge, hit crank horn dont blow. still got 1/2 park light.also got both rear signal lights on like park lights..need ghost busters.


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        Can you boost it when this happens?


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          try'ed to jump and roll if off...still nothing. come home after visiting friends and family, and it started, dont wanna take it out for me to find a ride home again..


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            redone all cables and she doing pretty good..thanks guys