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"Running lights" for the Kat

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  • "Running lights" for the Kat

    So I just purchased and installed some new "cool blue" headlights and they seem to be working just fine for me. The question I had is where can I find a running light bulb to semi-match. There's the bulb directly above the headlights that is still stock and I know it's cosmetic, but looks way different than my headlights. I've been searching and can't seem to find a xenon or HID "looking" bulb. Any ideas where or if I can get my hands on anything like that? Thanks.

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    I bought a super blue LED from hong kong on Ebay
    Just remember the LEO's dont like em probably ilegal in your area
    Mine has been in a year and never stopped , one guy got stopped first day !!
    PM if you are interested in Ebay seller and I will try to find for you
    Blood , its in you to give!


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      You can convert the front turn signals to running lights by using the same bulb socket for the rear brake light. The same socket mates to the turn signals just like the rear light.

      You will need to fab a 12V signal wire to operate the running light and you will need to modify the existing two prong connector to accommodate the three prong brake light connector in whatever fashion you choose.

      From there you can find, if they have it, a blue two filament bulb. Your turn signals will flash the blue color of course.

      Using blue forward facing bulbs are also illegal here in California so check your state's laws.
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        Thanks guys!! Just ordered the top running light for 2.50 USD. As far as the front turn signals I think I'll hold off. Could definitely see being pulled over for that!


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          As always with state laws, YMMV. Here in Ohio you can have any color you want on the bike as long as the bulbs or light sources themselves are not exposed. Having a blue forward facing bulb definitely violates that, and you'd get pinched in a hurry with all the small town cops out here.

          You can try a Cool White LED bulb from, that may be close enough to your HID's to not matter.