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Got a dumb idea in my head!

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  • Got a dumb idea in my head!

    Ok... I have come to the decision that there are too many wires running around inside my bike. I'm not using the stock ignition anymore, and soon there will be no horn and maybe a couple other things.

    Since my ignition has it's own little wire harness, and that's all it needs, would it be feasible to "thin out" my factory harness and remove all of the wires that no longer go anywhere? Would it be easier to just buy a used harness somewhere, mod that one, then reinstall it? Thoughts? Opinions?
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    Anything is feasible with enough time/money. If you ride your bike daily then modding a used harness might be smarter. That way if you make a mistake you can reinstall the original and keep modding the extra harness.

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      I would get a spare harness... Much easier to work on a bench..