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spark plug wires

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  • spark plug wires

    Is there any way to test the quality of the spark coming through the wires? That way I don't replace them if not needed. I saw a post CP made saying the original stock wires should last anywhere from 15-25 years.
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    Oh boy...if memory serves, you should be able to test the resistance of the wire with an ohm meter. It's too late tonight to tell you what spec it should be, but we have some night owls here who may post it up.
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      Something like 2.0-4.0 is the one measurement . ....... And the other measurement (coil poles) is supposed to be like 20k-40k .
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        Thanks guys I'll try it out
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          Rule of thumb for resistance wire is 1,000 ohms per foot max. Most motorcycles use solid core wire with resistance boots so the wire would be 0 ohms and the boots would be probably 1,000 ohms.