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Yuasa YTX9-BS Battery Cheap!!!

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  • Yuasa YTX9-BS Battery Cheap!!!

    So I've been looking at getting a new battery after mine fried. After much surfing and reading I settled on the Yuasa, which from what everybody seems to be saying is the best. They can be pretty expensive, but I just stumbled across the YTX9-BS for $60 and another $12 for shipping ($72 total!) This fits my 04 750 Kat. The cheapest I found anywhere else was close to $90 total. Thought I'd pass on the info and link below to

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    dont forget the acid !
    click on acid link above battery link

    BTW that is a screwing on the acid!!
    I could probably buy 5 gallons for that price
    The batteries they sell from most places comes with acid but this is unclear
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      ****!! I hope I just didn't get taken!! I just assumed the battery came with the acid. Any battery I've looked at up to this point has come packaged with the battery and acid seperately, but in the same box!! Crossing fingers and it will be a wait seeing as it's the weekend!!! Damn!!


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        bought a set of rear signals on ebay from Hong kong this week
        FORGOT to change my paypal address so they are going to my uncle in NY instead of directly here
        SO instead of 2 weeks I will probably end up waiting a month or so until he comes to visit
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          Holy ####! Even at their sale price I could buy 2 containers at 5 gallons each!...

          I know, I picked up one 5 gallon container for $21 just a couple of months ago for another project.


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            Okay!!! I feel better. Called them today and verified it is for both the battery and the acid!! So it still is a good deal! Best i've found.