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Power Sonic Battery?

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  • Power Sonic Battery?

    Whats the chance this is as good as a Yuasa
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    Buy it, try it and let us know?
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      Slim to none.


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        Find a parts unlimited dealer (just about any bike shop) and order a parts unlimited battery
        Made by Yuasa but much cheaper!
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          I have yet to find a battery of the same build-quality as the yuasa battery when it comes to power-sports batteries. They've put in the time & engineering over the past 25 years to really know how to wrangle more plates into tighter spaces without the types of problems car battery manufacturers get trying to do the same thing...

          No clue on whether the PartsUnlimited batteries are the same as the Yuasa top-of-the-lines or a lesser build built down to a price-point Want to comment on that, hardlydangerous?

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            Just posted a new thread in Wiring and Electrics on what seems like a deal to me (I could be wrong!) on a Yuasa battery that fits my 04 Kat 750 for $72 out the door with shipping. Just ordered it. You might want to check that out. From what eveybody says on here Yuasa is the best.


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              Rexazz2 brought up a good point. It may not come with the adic. I already ordered so I guess I'm screwed if that's the case, but I'll let everyone know when it comes if I got taken so no one makes the same mistake!! Damn!