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Using an older RH switch on '06 Kat 600

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  • Using an older RH switch on '06 Kat 600

    I needed a whole handlebar, switch and throttle assembly for my '06 due to a wreck. I found one at a very good price, but it has an older switch and a single-cable throttle. I'm ok with the throttle, and figured I could adapt the switch wiring. So far I have been able to set up the kill switch and starter switch, and have the front brake light working too.

    There are five extra wires on the newer model switch assembly and I am asking your help in what to do with them. I used my 12v circuit tester and here is what I am finding.

    Their colors are:
    • light blue (has 12v power that cycles on/off)
    • light green - no power
    • black - no power
    • orange w/red tracer
    • yellow w/white tracer

    From what I can make out of the wiring diagream the orange/red and yellow/white should be connected to each other.

    I would appreciate all help on making this work.