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    Originally posted by formaldehyde View Post
    This is what my DIY-gear indicator looks like on my pre. It's made using the neutral switch.

    Also, normally you can't see the screen (you only see the number, not the background), it was just super bright outside and my phone cam still used it's flash, so it's visible in the pics.
    Looks great, is that based on the Mr. Clean design?
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      Originally posted by jwilliams View Post

      What neutral switch did you use? And/or how did you modify it? My '97 switch only has a voltage on it in neutral or not and there is no difference depending on the gear so I can't make it work with the default switch. I'd be interested in seeing how you modified it.

      Thanks, Jeff
      My dad was the one who actually did the mod, but here's about how he explained it to me - something might be wrong in my explanation, but the basic idea should be right. Also, this is for the pre98, I don't know anything about the 98+ switch.

      It's the original switch, just slightly modded. The original neutral switch only has one grounding point (for the neutral gear obviously), but it's easy to add in others. If the switch is old enough, there should be some visible markings in it where you should add those. Basically even some screws will do, I'm not 100% sure what my dad used, but it looked very well done.

      After you have the contacts done it's pretty straightforward electronics, you'll just need to find out which contact is which gear. For some reason the points weren't in the order you'd think they are (eg. 1st, neutral, 2nd, 3rd, etc). Finally you'll just need the schematic and you're ready to run.

      It's actually really simple and easy to do if you know what you're doing. If only I could get my hands on some cheap neutral switches and I could ask my dad show me how it's done exactly and I could start making and selling these :mrgreen:

      Originally posted by Astro4x4 View Post
      Looks great, is that based on the Mr. Clean design?
      Can't say it is, as I haven't seen his design. If his design also used a 7-segment display it could be very similar, since it's basically just a bunch of diodes lighting the display up correctly
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        I know what gear I am in by my speed and the tach readings. The LED readout is pretty cool though.
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          definatley a cool little addition
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            I have 93 suzuki katana gsx600f. And I'm new to motorcycles. I bought a Samdo Universal Digital Gauge. How do I install the gear indicator because it doesn't come with one besides the neutral light