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Gasoline/petrol spilled over alternator winding

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  • Gasoline/petrol spilled over alternator winding

    Hi, there..

    I'm new to the forum, just recently bought a GSX750F 2002. I first turned it into a cafe racer, and afterwards I began to take things apart and see what's to be fixed, on such an old bike. Today I removed the carburetors, and (because I'm an idiot) I haven't first read the Haynes manual, which I purchased, but keep it safe inside the house.

    And, for I couldn't easily remove the accelerator cables, I turned the carbs upside down, and suddenly petrol spilled all over the alternator, going inside of it, over the winding and all that.
    I got a bottle of water and poured inside the alternator, but I'm still worried if any damage might have occurred. Maybe the winding's varnish, or the bearings, or anything, cold have been damaged?

    Should I take it apart and check it out? TBH, I would assume the alternator positioned under the carbs must have been designed to take a little bit of petrol, without suffering any harm, but that's just my two pence.

    I need the opinion of someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Any knowledgeable ideas are welcomed, and much appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, I'm not someone who knows what he's talking about, but I wouldn't be concerned about it.
    The first time I "rebuilt" my carbs I missed up the float levels. Gas just poured out of the overflow, which was missing the hoses causing gas to seep all over everything below the carbs, and nothing happened other than wasted gas and a very high idling engine.