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Problem: Bike won't STOP cranking

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  • Problem: Bike won't STOP cranking

    So, as the title states... my bike will absolutely not stop cranking after I hit the starter.

    Cliff notes for those who don't want to read background:
    Bike wasn't starting
    held the starter button down for 30-40 seconds trying to get a startup
    ---Bike wouldn't stop cranking: Removed key, hit killswitch and still cranking.
    -----removed battery to stop bike from cranking, but if I touch leads to battery it immediately cranks again.


    Bike: 1993 Katana 600

    I had a no-start issue recently, and bought a new solenoid after checking my old one and discovering it was dead. Replaced the solenoid, ran my bike about 400+ mi over the next few weeks with no issues whatsoever.

    One day, en route to work, I had a sudden loss of power and acceleration that would come in short bursts, then with a "throttle-sticking" sensation following. I attributed it to my carbs being gunked up and maybe not actuating properly, so I took it home to work on the carbs. After getting the bike running again, all was seemingly well and good.

    NEXT day:
    Hit the starter on my bike, and it cranked a few times hard trying to get started up, but no luck. Gave it some time and tried again, started very briefly and then shut off.
    Hit the starter again and kept on it for a moment, and to my surprise, it did not start, but the starter would NOT stop cranking. It cranked and cranked, I turned the key off/pulled it out... still cranking, hit the kill switch, no luck. I had to disconnect the battery to stop the bike from cranking, but as soon as I touch the leads to the terminals it begins relentlessly cranking all over again.

    What is happening? What would cause this, and more importantly how am I to fix it? I'm pretty savvy most of the time, but this one is new for me.

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    Check the starter solenoid. Sounds like its welded the contacts closed if the kill switch doesn't shut it off. With the battery disconnected, measure with a multimeter across the solenoid. Should be no circuit, the kill switch controls the solenoid coil to close the starter contact from battery to starter motor. Hope I didn't over explain it.


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      Thanks Suzy750.
      I'll have to check it out when I get home. That was my suspicion.


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        Quick update, I switched out my solenoid, and we're good as new. Rebuilt my starter from all the cranking it had been doing. Runs like a champ again. Thanks for the help.

        Pulled the solenoid apart for fun and the terminals were majorly welded.