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GSX750F 1991 coil voltage

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  • GSX750F 1991 coil voltage

    Hi i have just bought a project bike. I have stripped and cleaned the carbs because the throttle was not returning back and getting stuck. I have not tried to start the bike yet because i am still waiting for an aux fuel tank to arrive from Ebay. So I thought i would go through other checks whilst and was wondering what the voltage should be at the coil. I have a drop of 0.5 volts between battery and coil when i put ignition on, so still got 12v at coil. When cranking the voltage at the coil drops to 7.5v the battery stays at 11.5v. what i was wondering is this correct or do i have an issue somewhere and if so can you lead me to the right direction to look. It looks like someone has changed the CDi because it looks new and also the coils look quite new. The engine turns over fast enough so i do not think the battery to be at fault. The spark seems weak and sporadic Thanks in advance for your help