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LED turns and to make them work?

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  • LED turns and to make them work?

    Yes, I searched. The sticky has dead pics and links.

    I have a '00 750. When I tried to run an LED headlight and turn signals, I get nothing. Checked the fuses...good. Have power everywhere I'm supposed to have power. Swapped in a regular headlight bulb and it works. Test the LED turn signals with a spare battery and they work.

    From what I can gather from the dead sticky, there's a turn signal relay I can use.

    My bike uses the wired multi prong relay.

    Is this what I need:

    Is it possible that my stock relay is just dead? Even if I get the relay, why doesn't the LED headlight work?

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    OK.....found out that the prongs on the LED headlight bulb don't match the prong on the harness. I will work on depinning and repinning those when I have better light in the garage.

    Found a 7 pin LED flasher relay for less than $14 shipped....have it on the way, too.

    As soon as I get the wiring sorted and neaten it up a bit, I'll try firing her up!


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      Also keep in mind that a lot of LED bulbs are polar sensitive. With a regular bulb you can swap over the positive and negative connections and the light will still work. Many LED bulbs you must have the positive and negative hooked up correctly for it to work at all.


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        I checked the turns by using a spare battery. They have a YELLOW wire and a BLACK wire. Black is negative and yellow is power.
        I attached the black to the BLACK/WHITE ground wire on the Kat harness and the yellow to the appropriate "hot" wire for each signal.

        I get nothing. I'm used to seeing a fast flash or solid lights with LED's when you have the wrong flasher. With these, I get nada but they work coming straight from a battery.


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          Swapped pins and got headlight to work. Yay!

          Swapped polarity on all 4 turn signals and now they all light and blink (fast).
          But they ALL blink. Left turn: all four.
          Right turn: all four.

          Could it be the indicator bulb in the dash, if it uses a single bulb? But the Katana and the Bandit (dash) both had a single bulb for the turns.
          I'm not getting a turn signal indicator in the dash, either.


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            LED's have no resistance so the stock relay doesn't recognise them.
            As you say you need a LED relay or fit resistors to all the indicators there's probably some google /utube examples.

            When I fitted them my local electronics warehouse/store had 2 pin relays for $8 easy don't know about the 7 pin
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              I have the relay on the way. I'll see if that fixes it or if I need a diode between the signals and the dash bulb.


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                Relay fixed the fast blink. Diodes fixed the 4 way blink.


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                  Hey Scott,
                  How did the diode fix your 4 way blink. I currently have an after market speedo that has only 1 turn signal indicator. how do i connect the left and right turn signal from the bike, onto the gauge that has only 1 indicator?

                  i've been searching on the forums, i'll continue searching, hopefully you can shed some light onto this.



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                    For those needing a 7 pin LED flasher blinker fix , I got this one and it worked perfectly , you can also get it from walmart too from the same company , its 13 or 14 bucks
                    free shipping


                    I use sylvania LED in the front and switched to a full LED integrated rear light

           Choose smoked or clear
                    also if you get this rear light make sure you do not pull on or have the wires being pulled tight as you might pull them from the circutboard, they might have changed how they tie them up by now but I did this and they did send me a new one and I made sure to reinforce the wires with extra silicon.
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