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  • EFI

    Gentlemen, something I been thinking about for a little while now. I've seen the write up steve did on converting to efi. There are others using mega squirt aswell. Question though. Why not use the 01gsxr wire harness with the throttle bodies? There are sensors like cam and crank but they can be bypassed to trick the engine management to think they are working. I'm just thinking of some ideas to make a efi swap a little easier. Asking for input.

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    That was exactly what I was planning to do when I had my Kat. The bike I have now has FI so I got rid of all the pieces years ago. Hit up E-Bay and you will be able to find everything you need. Steve put a LOT of great information on this forum about doing it and it is a great place to start off.

    Best of luck!



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      What i was thinking is use the 01 gsxr parts such and wiring harness. even use the cluster. and just redo the wire harness to work the kat motor. Looks to me they both use the same crank sensor. I just been having this idea for a little bit now.

      BTW, Thanks for your service 1sg Court93Kat.


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        Interesting idea keep us posted.

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