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  • Need ignition help

    I have a Katana 750 engine that is going in a garden tractor puller. No wiring harness, but I connected all Ignition Module wiring and starter wiring per wiring diagram. Starter circuit works good. No spark when cranking. I have checked ohms on both coils (primary and secondary), throttle position sensor, and signal generator. All are within specs. Neutral start switch operates indicator light properly. The 2 wires going to the Ignition Module ( green and red/black) from the neutral switch show open whether the transmission is in neutral or in gear. I tried cranking with open neutral switch and with a jumper across these 2 wires, made no difference. Wondering if this is my problem or if it is the Ignition Module unit. Thanks in advance

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    The likely-hood of overlooking something is high with this one. My suggestion is always make sure things run with stock setup before modifying.. with this, i would make sure i have corresponding CDI and wiring harness for your engine just to make things easy in the beginning. Harness can be bought on ebay cheap