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Battery CCA...180 ought do it?

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  • Battery CCA...180 ought do it?

    Working on putting a Katana 750 engine in a GS550 frame.
    The GS550 battery is a YT10L-A2. I can get one with 180 CCA. It looks like the Katana 750 specs are around 135 CCA. Since I need to find a battery that fits the 550 battery box, the 180 cold cranking amps should be plenty, right? Or, are there other factors I need to consider?

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    I would think that would work just fine. You are right about 135 CCA for the 750, so if the battery has 180 you shouldn't have any issues at all. The only other thing you could consider is if you plan to turn the bike into a Christmas tree with a ton of lights that stay on all the time. LOL!



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