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Starter relay problem?

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  • Starter relay problem?

    Hello everyone.
    I will tell you what happened to the katana, I hope you can guide me on what to inspect.

    Traveling on the highway, the bike turns off completely, engine and lights. Not only did it no longer start, but the lights and the clock didn't even turn on. The first thing I did was inspect the fuses, and I found the 15A high-light fusbile melted. I replaced it but nothing changed. I inspected the wiring and found nothing unusual. Cables and connectors in good condition. The high light contacts were not melted or charred as I expected. Then I reached the starter relay. This one has 30A fuses and one of them was open.I replaced it and the bike started working again, but I think the problem is still hidden there.

    I don't know if I should use the bike, it doesn't seem right, what do you say?
    Why do you think not only the high light fuse has blown, but also the fuse of the starter relay opened?
    Remember that I was driving normally on the highway when the engine stopped suddenly and all the lights went out.

    Well, please excuse my poor handling of English, and thanks in advance!

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    Hey i cant even speculate as to what happened, but bizarre things can happen when driving. if it happens again then youll know its not a coincidence just make sure your battery cables are tight and ride it close to home for 30 minutes then continue riding as usual thats just my opinion though


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      Since it was your headlight fuse as well as the main fuse and you seem to have a post model
      check this plug it is the headlight plug near the steering head.

      Just a thought!
      Otherwise I have no idea
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        Headlight fuse would most likely be that plug, common problem on the post kats. I would be more concerned with the 30amp fuse blowing, there appears to be an electrical problem somewhere. I’d pull the tank and inspect the loom for chafing or melted wires.
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          Well, I finally found the main problem.
          One of the starter relay wires was damaged, making contact with the motorcycle frame. I don't know if the melted high light fuse is related to this. The plug that you indicate to me is in perfect condition. But for the moment everything works perfect.
          Thank you very much for all the suggestions, I have taken them all into account!