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Bandit 400 dash into Katana 750 wiring harness

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  • Bandit 400 dash into Katana 750 wiring harness

    Working on a project that has Katana/GSX750F engine, suspension, etc, in a 1980 GS550 frame. I have '91 Bandit 400 gauges and idiot lights I plan on using.
    I am now faced with mating the B400 wiring to the Kat750 harness.

    The plugs are completely different. I have a wiring diagram for both and am studying what goes where. I will need back lights for the tach and speedo, a neutral light, oil pressure light, turn signal indicators and Hi-beam. I can forgo things like gas gauge, water temp, etc.

    This the the Kat 750 plug.

    This is the Bandit 400 plug (notice the single Black/Yellow plug, too)

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    Here's the Bandit 400 wiring diagram. Am I correct in thinking that the Black/Yellow is keyed power? I only see it going to one of the two coils and the ignitor.
    Is it only supplying keyed power to the dash?


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      Once I figure out the purpose/source for the B/Y on the Bandit 400 harness, I just need to get the same from the 750 harness and then find the corresponding wires for the oil pressure, hi-beam, N, turn, etc., right? If I'm correct, what's a good source for keyed power on the Kat harness (2000 model)?


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        Here's what I've come up with so far:

        Ground - B/W black/white
        Keyed power - GR gray
        Tach - B/Y black/yellow
        Turns - Black for LH and Light Green for RH
        Neutral - LB blue/black
        Hi-beam - Y yellow
        Oil Pressure - G/Y green/yellow
        Fused Power - OG orange/green

        I won't be using the side stand switch or clutch switch (this is all going in a GS550 frame). If I just use a jumper for those two switches, will the turn signal/side stand relay in the 750 harness still supply the correct power and ground to make the neutral light work?

        I studied the 750 diagram yesterday and all of the colors I need match up. I ordered a Bandit 400 harness to rob the plug from.

        On the Bandit 400 diagram, OG is switched power from 10A fuse (4 Signal) for turn signal flasher, back brake switch, horn, front brake switch, side light switch and pilot lights. Neutral light is supplied via switched live from OG, LB is earth via the side stand diode to the neutral switch.

        The 750 doesn't use a diode (or, if it does it's inside the turn signal/side stand relay....lower right in the 750 diagram). Sooo....if I just use a jumper to bypass the side stand switch and the clutch switch, will that relay still supply power to make the neutral light work?

        Edit: since the wiring and mount for the clutch safety switch is there, I picked up a genuine Suzuki switch and will use it. For only $12.86 shipped, I hit the easy button and added a little safety aspect.

        I will still have to bypass the side stand switch. The GS550 frame doesn't have a place for a side stand switch. Can you tell by looking at the diagram how the side stand switch works? And by that I mean does it make contact inside the switch when the side stand is down and the "plunger" is out, or does it break contact?


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          Good idea to keep the clutch safety switch in place. Would hate for you to start it in gear on accident and the bike falls over. I know from working on my Katana for years, that if you connect the two wires together for the sidestand switch, it will bypass it and the bike will start. However far back in the wiring you want to take it really doesn't matter, but the switch works to close the circuit when the stand pushes in the plunger.

          Hope this helps.


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