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pre front turn signals

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  • pre front turn signals

    Can anyone show me which after market turn signals they've used out front on a pre Katana? You need something on the longish side to make it through the fairing, looking for ideas, Thanks

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    The most commonly used one I've seen is the flattish aftermarkets placed over the hole, and either screwed onto the plastics or 3m double sided tape used.


    Alternatively, you can use any of the post stem options... just make a bracket for the mount to be moved out closer to best fit the length of the signal. I think I did that for Fred's bike.


    I don't have pics of the brackets made, but simply... I took flat stock bar, bent a down turn on each end, drilled a hole for a bolt on both. Used a bolt and nut to attach to the normal mounting point for the bracket to frame, and then attached the turn signal to the new bracket.

    So basically... which ever you want.


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