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    Hello im new to the forum I've done as much searching as I could but haven't come up with anything. Here's a little history on the situation.
    my mom bought a 95 600 katana the old man had said it had been sitting for a few years and the tank was off but others than that it was complete and he hit with some starting fluid it fired right up.. I got it home installed the tank put new gas in and was riding around the block, only issues seemed to be carb related as it didn't idle good and it leaked pretty bad between 3-4 carb, and number 1 cylinder wasn't firing (cold pipe) plug was not fouled so I figured the carb was clogged or somthing.

    mom decide she wanted to clean it so with all the plastics off she pressure washed it. Tried to start it back up and nothing. I've checked all the wiring I've unplugged the cdi box let is sit in the sun and dry. I was getting very weak spark on cylinder 2 and nothing else when I first checked it and now I'm getting nothing (it's been a couple days) I'm getting 11+v on the all the connections to the coils when cranking everything else electrical works. So im at the point where idk if i should try a cdi box or coils...

    sorry for the lengthy post any help is appreciated!