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Solving fast blinking/no blinking

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    Hi Guys! My 06, 600F has the 7prong flasher unit and Suzu dealer wants 80.00 to replace! I've tested it and it's def not working properly so have to replace it. I've check ebay and found a couple under 20.00 but not sure they are right fit. any suggestions of a reliable source for this type of part? also, could it have "blown" because I forgot to disconnect the battery while rewiring in a new horn?? thanks!


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      Awesome! My '89 had a flasher with the same plugs as the replacement one, it just plugged right in
      $60 USD online vs $11 CAD
      1989 GSXF 750 Katana.
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        I can't bring myself to install a primitive mechanical flasher like one in a 57 chevy. I ordered an "electronic flasher" on ebay for two bucks. To install it on the 99 Kat is different from this writeup - Got it working - check out my other post.......
        You can get a direct plug in unit for post Kats on ebay for 9 bucks that also fixes the fast flashing problem if you want to do it the easy way
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          I bought one of these for $13 or so, including shipping. Plugged in perfectly into my 2005 750 and flashes the LED turn signals at the proper rate.

          ebay LED Flasher Relay

          Just thought I would share a quick and easy fix with no wiring mods.
          2005 Katana 750


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            So, all the pics are gone and the links are all dead. Can anyone tell me what to do to make LED turn signals work on a 2000 750?


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              Sure. I've been running the generic electronic flasher for many years. Works fine with my dual alternating LED fronts and regular rear. If you have some electronic knowledge you can do it by referring to the schematic. Otherwise search for a direct replacement.