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Katana 600 carb kits are ready to ship...

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  • Katana 600 carb kits are ready to ship...

    My new 98 & up Katana 600 carb kits are ready to go...

    Price $120.00
    (add $10.00 for stainless allen float bowl screws)

    Driveability is perfect and setup is easy (plug and play)

    The kit contains main jets, New needles with 5 angles on them for an extra fine fuel control, shim washers for 1/2 setp needle adjustment, and a drill bit and screw for mixture screw plug removal...

    You do not lose any low end power with my kit.

    Engine vibration at cruise is non-existant (smooth as glass)

    Part throttle operation is instant and immediate.

    Adding a 5 degree advancer will improve idle quality and part throttle operation without losing any peak power.

    Using a K+N air filter will cause you to need a larger main jet (1 size) and adds no extra power at all.

    See attached dyno chart for full throttle operation improvement.

    All stock Katana 600 vs. 2 bros. slip-on & Ivan's carb kit

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    Suzuki Katana Jet Kits

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    Good stuff Ivan. It's too bad I don't have a 600 engine in my Kat any more. You wouldn't be interested in making a kit for a 771 frankenmotor would you?


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      Awesome!!! Looks great!!
      Alot smoother climb in power than stock, and smoother torque curve.
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      Who knows what is next?
      Builder of the KOTM Mreedohio september winning chrome project. I consider this one to be one of my bikes also!
      Please look at this build!


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        My Kat runs like a totally different bike now...Check out my review!!



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          Now we just need someone close-by with a pre-'98 600 to volunteer their bike so I can get one too!!

          Come on.... someone has to be close to him.


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            I will add the chart to my website very soon.

            Suzuki Katana Jet Kits


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              thats impressive. around 72HP on a stock bike ?

              i have a dynojet kit - K&N filter - 5 degree advancer - 2 bro pipe - 750 header. as you can see my base setting are off and have been corrected but i haven't made it back to the same dyno.



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                so how do i go about getting a kit for 600 kat? its not listed on website and how long for shipping to california
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                  I would call his number he has listed...He has the kits for sale, just not listed on the website yet. You will not be sorry with this kit...The kit is easy to install and the tech support from Ivan is incredible as he is a very knowledgeable person. I know when i picked up my bike he stopped working on his own bike 3 or 4 times to answer tech questions from people that bought upgrades from him. Also My Kat is a totally different beast than it was..Since i got the bike back I've logged about 150 miles on it (Keep in mind I live in Buffalo NY the snow capital)and it runs better than it ever did.



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                    gotta have one of those. That's with the stock air filter? WOW....
                    always working on mods


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                      ya should the stock airbox and filter replace too or does that really give no boost.
                      " The key to Immortality., is first living a life worth remembering." -St Augustine


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                        The kit is made to be used with the stock air box and air filter. He tried my K&N with it and it gave no increase in power although he had to increase the main jet up 1 size to use the K&N. The stock Air filter will flow enough air so an upgrade there isnt needed.


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                          i've got ivans kit on my fz1. he spends a great deal of time to get the optimum setup for a given bike. i'm sure this will be a superb kit.
                          '03 Yamaha FZ1


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                            I have his Bandit 1200 kit and I can vouch for how easy this kit went in and ran. At first it didn't work for me, so Ivan offered to tune it for me at his shop. I took him up on his offer and after scratching our heads and looking at dyno sheets he thought it looked like my cams were off time. They were! Found out the dealer messed up some warranty work and mistimed both cams .
                            After fixing this the kit carbureted perfectly. I wouldn't have known this on my own and how many other companies would offer to tune your bike if you were having a problem with their product?

                            '01 Bandit 1200
                            '82 Yamaha XT250