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backwards petcock? fuel/air/engine problems? :?:

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  • backwards petcock? fuel/air/engine problems? :?:

    i ended up rebuilding my fuel petcock, but now everything looks upside down. the knob itself points left, right, and up instead of down. but the indicator ring behind the knob shows the "on" position being down. i can take it back apart and flip the knob back to the down position, but this causes the metal indicator ring to read upside down. this normal? i then attached the hoses from the carbs as follows :

    looking at the bike from the rear, the left fuel hose on the carb is attached to the right side of the fuel petcock, the right fuel hose on the carb is attached to the left side of the fuel petcock. i hope this is right, my friend took everything apart, i just put it back together. problem is, according to the metal indicator, prime is right, res is left, and on is down (which the knob will instead point up).

    also, if anyone here has any suggestions for this -

    i'm open for ideas...

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    You linked us to KP? just jkn


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      I don't think it matters which fuel line is connected to which fuel petcock (out of the two) since they both deliver the same.....However, I have a pretty low IQ