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2003 GSX600F Needs a new Rear Shock

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  • 2003 GSX600F Needs a new Rear Shock

    What are some good rear shock options for my old post katana?
    I've seen some threads discussing using the GSXF750 shock, and the RF900 one, but specifically what years match up with the post kat body, and what works best?

    I've never been a fan of the kat stock shock, even when it was working right.

    Thanks in advance,
    ~ Ashes.

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    Don't take this as a insult...
    From the websites home page:
    If you'll notice the index options, you'll see a section called " All About Brakes & Suspension" , which opens this page:

    Enjoy !
    My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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      Huh, I used the search option and browsed the mechanics 101 section. Got to most of the same posts anywho.

      I ended up ordering a shock from a post GSX750f (with the reservoir) off of Ebay. I hit up TMod to see if he still does rebuilds, hopefully he does.


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        I think tmod is at norwest suspension. I emailed them about my kat 1100 and never got a response.
        I did find a shop in England that has a combo of yss fork springs / yss rear shock and spring for $492 delivered so I went that route.
        I got a tracking number so hey, I look forward to installing a new suspension in a freezing garage next month!


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          If Tmod isn't still doing stuff, racetech can do the work.

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            TMod got ahold of me through the NorWest site, he's going to hook me up!
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