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Front fork bushings alternative?

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  • Front fork bushings alternative?

    Very good days.
    It's been a long time since I posted here. I am trying to revive the Katana but it is becoming impossible to get parts in Argentina. Let's see if you can give me a hand. Has anyone changed the bushings and for some reason got and placed parts of another motorcycle?
    The part numbers are 51152-11D60 and 51121-48B31, and are the numbers 3 and 15 of the exploded view.

    In my country, several spare parts houses have recommended me to manufacture Teflon bushings, what do you think?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, I found a local manufacturer of bushings, it makes them with copper and teflon coating like the originals.

    (I must clarify that it is very difficult to buy in stores like mrcycles or ronayers because in my country it is increasingly difficult to import anything, I have packages in customs for months and they do not release them, as it happens to many people)

    So, now I have another problem. The right measures!

    On the one hand, as the bushings that I took out of my motorcycle are very worn, I can not be sure of the diameters, since I do not know how much teflon they should have when they are new. Does anyone have that information? The correct diameters, thicknesses...

    My bushings:

    On the other hand, I'm wondering if the bushings I took out of my bike are original, I think someone has changed them before and I'll tell you why.
    The outer bushing that I took out has a height of 8.2 mm. But I was looking at the ones that Racetech sells and they are 15 mm (It's incredible but I do not get the bushing measurements anywhere else! I must clarify that previously I requested the diameters and thicknesses because in the racetech site everything is very rounded, I do not think they provide too exact information, for example one of my worn bushings is 2.2 mm thick and racetech says they are 2mm). At first, I thought that the data was badly loaded on the Racetech site, or that they were wrong and sold an incorrect measurement, so I wanted to be sure and measured the housing inside the bottle of the fork: the place where the external bushing is housed is about 15.2 mm high! So I have a wrong bush in my bike?
    Because I do not think it is correct that the bushing is 8mm and the space where it is housed is 15mm. With the movement of the fork the bushing could move.
    Please, someone to help me with this too. What is the correct height of the outer bushing?

    Thanks in advance!


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      The racetech site might not be correct and I have heard this on another forum also
      see discussion in this thread

      At a guess I'd say your pics look correct and if they worked ok before then would most likely work the same on the same dimensions
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        Hi, Lachie. Thanks for your answer.
        Yes, I read it, and I do not know if the fork of that user is the same as mine, but as I said, I made the measurement and in theory a 15mm bushing fits perfectly.
        But I would need confirmation from someone with the same model and who has made the replacement.

        I also saw Tmod's response, which is that he is an eminence in this, but I would like to know what he thinks of what I said before. All models are the same? Because the housing for the bushing on my bike is 15 mm, and why would not fit a 15 mm bushing inside?

        Originally posted by Lachie View Post
        At a guess I'd say your pics look correct and if they worked ok before then would most likely work the same on the same dimensions
        By the way, my forks never worked well, I live changing oil seals.
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