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Power Loss at 100mph

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  • Power Loss at 100mph

    So I've just got the bike running to its potential. Its a 1998 GSX750F Katana, I rebuilt the carbs and dipped them. Idle screws at 2.5 turns and everything is stock including exhaust and airbox.
    My issue is at 100mpg in 5th or 6th gear I start losing power big time. When I slow down its recovers fine, but I slowed down rapidly once and held the clutch in and it died like it was out of gas. But it starts up fine after that.
    I had a similar issue once and it wouldnt go over 70mph and I found a big vacuum leak that helped, but now here I am stuck at 100mph haha, any ideas on what it could be?

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    Likely a fuel line warming up, getting soft, and kinking.

    It's usually a fueling issue, so could also be other things like the float height being off, or fuel filter being partially clogged, or the petcock getting gummed up
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      I don't know if your particular bike has a governor on it or not. That can surely slow your speed, especially in some states. Those boys are pretty hefty sometimes.

      *(couldn't help myself...carry on) (without governor if possible)

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