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Has she seen her last ride?

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  • Has she seen her last ride?

    Morning all,
    Was about 100 miles from home yesterday when the kat started giving me problems.

    26,000 miles

    I was in first gear, shifted to second and the rpms went to the sky.
    Tried shifting into third and same thing. Sometimes you would hear it shift into the gear, but sometimes you got no feedback from the shift and had to keep pushing it up. 2-4 seemed to be where the problem was , BUT sometimes they would work!

    I also tried shifting into second without the clutch, and the shifter wouldnt move.

    I have been having weird clutch issues (slipping when cold) but trying to pinpoint whether this is internal or just a failed clutch.

    I limped it home, and took the clutch pack out. Steels werent blued, and the friction plates looked pretty good by eye(will measure thickness).

    Oil didn't have any metal in it

    any input would be appreciated

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    For clarification - failing to engage in multiple gears 2-4?

    Normally for 2nd gear I'd say a shift fork, but for multiple gears having issues...dunno, slipping clutch?
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      started pulling the engine as i did find metal in the oil..

      Question: does the engine come out from the bottom or top? Im getting caught on the oil cooler tabs on the frame.


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