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Shift linkage install question

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  • Shift linkage install question

    Another case of I know how it was before I took it apart, but that way doesn't match up with the pictures in the Hayne's manual. The pedal side is not the issue. It's the other end which slides onto the splined rod going into the trans.

    When I disassembled it, the linkage was pushed ALL the way onto the splines, up against the clutch cover, so that there were exposed splines hanging out the end.

    The Haynes manual picture shows the linkage flush with the end of the splined rod (which actually makes more sense to me).

    While I'd imagine either way would work fine as long as the retaining bolt is secure... Which is the *correct* way?

    Thanks again!

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    Got it. The right answer is "neither". There's a sweet spot in the middle, where enough splines catch on either side and the bolt will run through without snagging. The joys of a well used bike that seems to have been put back together in haste multiple times. Can't trust anything on it as actually being "correct", but merely as "working".