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Removal of the brass tube behind idle jet

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  • Removal of the brass tube behind idle jet

    Anyone have any idea how (and if) the brass tube behind the idle jet comes out of the carb body? The manual says nothing about it, but I wanted to make sure all parts are thoroughly cleaned.

    I recorded a 30s video to show what I'm talking about:
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    I couldn't figure out how to remove that one, resorted to pressing the straw of a can of carb cleaner up to it and hoping for the best which worked out for me but probably not adequate if you're got serious gunk in there. In the carb refurb kit I certainly didn't get a replacement o-ring to go in there so I presumed it's one that just stays there.

    Would love to know if and how if does come out too though!


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      Not meant to be removed, and not nessasary.

      Dip the carb bodies to clean, use a non metal pipe cleaner (they do make them that tiny) or fishing line if you need to push something through it to verify clean. I normally soak 24 hours in berrymans dip and then compressed air blows anything left out.

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