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jet size setup vs mods made

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  • jet size setup vs mods made

    Just wanted to see where most of us fall into jet sizing after mods have been made.
    I am in the process of finishing up my rebuild, and would like to know what size jets you guys have found your bike to run great. As well as which needle slot the clip is on for fuel displacement.
    The reason i am asking is because i would like to see what directio i will be pointed into with my mods...
    K&n air filter ( not pod filters )
    Shortened after market muffler by 8"

    Cheers 🍻

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    K&N filter won't go well, put the stock filter back in. Each bike is different. Your current mods will be problematic to tune. Always start at stock and tune from there.
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      Something i did notice was 2 different jet sizes... will get the size later. Any idea why there would be 2 carbs with with different sizes?


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        I believe the standard OEM set-up is the two outside carbs have one size and the two inner carbs have another.

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          The inner cylinders run hotter than the outer ones and are most likely larger to aid cooling.

          K&N is junk. Nothing works better than the stock style paper filter on pretty much any vehicle.


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            I agree start with stock and move from there

            I have a modified 4-2-1 exhaust on my 89 750 standard air filter and started tuning the carb the jets I ended up with are

            5EZ61-3 needle jet, Y2 emulsion tube, 105 Mains (all 4),37.5 Pilot jet. needle lifted one slot from the middle

            Which is actually one size up (main) and different emulsion tube I think the original was a Y4 from where I started as stock and it runs superbly for me.

            I have thought playing around with main sizes when I have some time in the future but likely would only go as far as 110 but then would have to see how it runs.

            Oh FYI I ride at sea level and think it still runs a little rich

            When your tuning follow this to the letter
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              On the 1100 Outter jets are 112.5 inner 110 since the 2 inner velocity stack in the airbox are longer.