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2006 GSX750F Click No Start

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  • 2006 GSX750F Click No Start

    Hello all. This is my first time posting. I'm currently having issues starting my 2006 GSX750F. I feel a little back story is in order...

    I had just completed and oil change, and just taken the bike out for a post-oil change ride, as per ritual. I noticed that every time I would pull in the clutch, I would hear a "electrical noise". I discovered that my starter button was stuck so that when I pulled the clutch, the starter was kicking in.

    I pulled off the housing for the kill switch and starter to take a look. While trying to get the starter button assembly piece out, I used force when finesse would have been most appropriate; the guts popped out, came apart and went everywhere!

    I was able to work the starter button spring until it moved freely. I also was able to get the starter/kill switch housing put back together. Only problem is, now the bike won't start! Everything with the contacts points seem to be working. The hazards work. The kill switch works. The starter button works. But no start.

    Current State:
    -Power bike on
    -Put in neutral
    -Deactivate kill switch
    -Pull clutch
    -Press starter button
    -I hear a click noise that sounds like it is coming from under the left side panel of the bike, possible from somewhere under the air filter. I believe that is the sound of the starter relay, but not sure.
    -Bike does not start. As far as I can tell, I'm not getting any voltage to the spark plugs, but I don't currently have a multi-meter to test.

    I've taken the bike to a mechanic, as I don't have the tools or know-how to fix in a reasonable amount of time. It's my primary mode of transportation. I'm mainly posting this for anyone who may be experiencing the same issue.

    All comments and suggestion are welcome. I'll post the outcome as soon as I get an update.


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    Could be a number of things, would really be worth getting yourself a multimeter though, they're really inexpensive. Without one just about the only thing you can do with the electrics is check that the fuses are not blown which I'm presuming you did? It would at least mean you can eliminate simple causes quickly without paying for a garage to look at it.

    From where you say you heard the click that's certainly where the starter relay is on my 2002 bike. I'm assuming that all you're hearing is the click and that the starter motor isn't doing anything at all now? It could just be as simple as the battery isn't holding it's charge.