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05 750 intermittent starting problem

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  • 05 750 intermittent starting problem

    Hey fellow Kat ridders. i am recently experiencing starting issues on my 05 750. Sometimes when i shut her down i will come back hours later or sometimes 15-20 mins and it will not start. it seems like a safety switch but not sure because when i turn the ignition switch power on i have no headlights and my dash clock disappears. I have searched the search box but didnt seem to find a match for my problem. may have missed something. brain not 100% due to a stroke. Its my only transportation and my love. Need to get her back on the road asap. Any help would be most appreciated. I live in an apartment so cant really have my Katana parts all over the street for to long when I work on it. so I have to try and tackle the task quickly. as we know not to easy with electrical. So maybe someone has experienced my problem and can share their cure. Thank fellow Kat Ridders.

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    Starting simple have you checked the condition of the ignition switch connector to check it's connected properly and not wet or corroded etc?


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      Not yet. I put it in the shop. They said ignition too. But i cant afford to have them do the work. But it still wont start. Do you know if the ignition comes apart for repairing. They said no. But im an old school mechanic. Im use to fixing things not parts changing unless absolutely necessary.


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        Ignition comes apart for repair very easily.

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