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Loss of power.

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  • Loss of power.

    Hey sorry if there is a thread on this already, I tried a search and didn't come back with anything. I recently fell into a 2002 gsx600f.
    I have just been starting to get the feel for this bike, it is my first sport style bike. I have noticed that it feels really flat from 6000amd up in 4th through sixth. I don't know if that's just the limit of its power or if something is fishy. I thought I would have a larger power band at thoes revs and speeds, but i loose most acceleration and torque.
    Any advice is appretiated. I am an average home mechanic so there isn't much I can't tackle. Thanks in advance guys!!

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    Carb issue some where...
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      Start with the basics....

      Any other running issues?
      Are the air filter, carb needles, jet sizes OEM?
      Factory Exhaust?
      Any other mods done to the bike that you know of?

      What kind of MPG do you get currently?

      Any vibration variances you notice?

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