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Rear sprocket question dilemma not sure.

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  • Rear sprocket question dilemma not sure.

    So I took my rear tire off cause it needs new. When I started rolling to the car I hear clunking, so I picked it up and shook, the sprocket assembly just fell off, is it supposed to do that? I'd have assumed it was bolted to the rim somehow but apparently not. Unless it's broke?
    It's an 02 600.

    I'll try to post pics if it will let me.

    Apparently I can't post a pic.
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    Yup, it will fall off. Not mechanicall connected to the wheel. It would negate the cushions function.
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      Thanks, I was worried lol.
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        Freaked me out the first time too. While it's off, take a look in there - see those bearings? Lube em up with a marine grade grease. You can buy enough for the next 30 years of riding for like $6. Those bearings in particular are not sealed and need some TLC.
        Also, not a bad idea to grease the wheel bearings either. Popping the dust cover off will require a fine flat bladed screw driver - I suggest youtbing a vid to see what to do. You might feel like you're breaking something, you won't be. But seeing a vid demo will likely make you less worried.
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