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1994 600 Rear axle nut torque

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  • 1994 600 Rear axle nut torque

    For the life of me I can't find this spec anywhere. I've got the manual here. I'm in section 2 reading about the chain, it sends me to section 5 for the rear axle nut torque. I go to the torque spec page for the 600 in that section. No rear axle torque spec there... Everything else BUT that. Sigh.

    Google has not been helpful either. :-/ Any of you happen to know what the value should be?

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    I've never torqued the rear axle nut on any bike I've owned...They all had cotter pins to lock the nut & you can only get it so tight before you can't put the pin in anymore. I usually run the nut up by hand, then clock it say about 3/4 of a turn or until the hole lines up with the castle nut to drop the pin in.

    Make sense?


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      book states 60#. if you don't torque it properly, you risk the chain slacking and or the wheel alignment drifting off, either case in not good
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        It's not uncommon for the katana chain adjustment plates to get sucked up into the swingarm tubes from a loose axle. DO NOT rely on the OEM chain adjusters to hold the axle in place.

        Over tightening can cause issues too, so... I'd suggest if your not sure, torque it.

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          Ah ha! Just found the value in the book... It's in a different chapter from what it's "supposed" to be. Chapter 6 has the rear axle nut torque, NOT chapter 5!