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'98 Kat 750 mysteriously stopped running

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  • '98 Kat 750 mysteriously stopped running

    Hello all of you who know more than me about the workings of Kats.

    I rode to work today and when I was pulling into the parking lot my bike died because the primary fuel line was under fed. I put the bike in on reserve and started it up again with no problem and rode over to park the bike. At the end of the day I started the bike up and was letting it warm up. As I was putting on my gear the bike started to idle lower and lower until it died. I tried to start it up but the bike would not start. At times it sounded like it wanted to but it wouldn't. I even tried push starting the bike but it was having nothing of it.

    Thinking the bike was flooded I took the bike apart and checked the spark plugs, all of them were dry. I have switched from PRIME to Reserve with no luck in getting the bike to start up. I recently just had my carbs vacuum synced after I cleaned them and on the weekend I went on a long ride with zero problems.

    I hope someone can shed some light on this issue as I am at a loss and getting frustrated with this mystery as it makes no sense at all. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    Crap in the tank made it to the carbs, would be my assumption.
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      Great... I even had installed a new inline fuel filter to stop that from happening after I put the bike back together when I cleaned the Carbs...


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        That's good

        Is it clogged now? That might be your issue...


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          So I drained the Carbs and found mostly water in them so I drained my tank dry to get rid of all the water. Now to drain the carbs one more time to ensure all the water is gone because the bike is running funny. I think it might need to be vacuumed synced again but I am not 100% positive. I do need to get a new gas cap though as mine is shot!


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            What kind of in line filter did you instal?

            A pressed granular filter is needed. Paper or material filters will not flow enough fuel, and cause issues in reduced fuel flow.

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              It looks like it has mesh in it. The dealer looked up the part and sold it to me.


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                Stainless mesh is usually fine. Avoid the cellulose/pleated paper ones. Sintered metal (granular) best...these were used on automotive carbs for eons...