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Katana 600 Seat appears to be leaking

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  • Katana 600 Seat appears to be leaking

    Hey guys, me again, slowly learning things about how to take care of my Katana...!

    I have a 93 Katana 600 and I noticed it was leaking something (Can't tell oil, or fuel, or water?) down the left side of the bike whenever I sat down to ride. I'm in the midst of taking off the fairings to repaint them, and I noticed, there's liquid collecting near the battery (scary!) and leaking down the side. On a hunch, I took off my seat, put a bunch of paper towels under it, and sat down on the seat on the ground. Took the seat off to find the towels soaked. The liquid appears to be coming from the seat. I'm still unable to figure out what kind of liquid it is, but is this anything you guys have seen/heard of before?

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    If you were to remove the vinyl cover from the seat, the foam would strongly resemble a yellowish it's probably just water.

    Do you leave the bike out in the rain?


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      oh dear, I feel stupid now. Thanks!!


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        Live and learn. You'd be able to tell if it were fuel by the smell and very fast evaporation rate. Oil would smell a bit and not evaluate at all.
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