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Fuel tank install and more carb install questions

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  • Fuel tank install and more carb install questions

    I was really hoping to at least try to start the Kat ('94 600) today but I've run into a few snags. Plan was to reassemble, make sure it starts and that everything works right, then pull it back apart far enough for the carb sync. However:

    1) The fuel tank won't seat properly. The front, right, and rear all look correct, but the left side is popped up about 3/4 of an inch (petcock won't go into the hole on the fairing that it's supposed to). Is there a common binding point/hose routing issue that I should look for?

    2) I'm not clear on how the vent tubes from the carbs are supposed to be routed (my Kat didn't have them when I took it apart). It *looks* like they're supposed to go through a flattened area on the airbox(on the side, about 2/3 of the way towards the top). However, it's super tight fit when the tank is on and doesn't seem right. Does not appear to be related to item #1 as I pulled them totally away from there and issue #1 remains.

    3) Not super important, but where's the idle screw adjuster supposed to end up exactly? I'd swear that before it was in an open space so that one could put a screwdriver to it easily. However, now it's behind part of the frame and takes contortions to get to. I checked and the bracket appears to match the pre-disassembly picture, so not sure what went wrong there...

    4) For first start, I wanted to make sure that everything worked together. I'd hoped the lines would be long enough to allow for carb synching from the regular tank just by lifting it up and out of the way to get at the adjusters. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be realistic. How do you guys feed your Kat when doing a carb sync?

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    1. you might want to check the side fairings I have a 2001 Kat and there is a little "nub??" that sticks out of the inside of the fairing and it presses though a little hole on the tank. Maybe.. just something to try
    2. I'm am no help with that Sorry....
    3. On my kat it kinda sticks out in the bottom corner ( its is actually a circle) but i digress....
    4. I know that some people use a funnel with a piece of fuel line running to the carbs kinda of like an IV. Something like an old gear oil bottle would work good.