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Choke not engaging

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  • Choke not engaging

    After years of trouble free service including this Kat has a problem today. 1994 Katana 600. The choke just stopped functioning today. The choke lever will only move 1/2 inch and no choking action is activated. She still starts but is not happy as with the choke working. Nothing changed since it worked perfectly on Monday. Today Thursday not working. I pressed pretty hard but it is stuck, and I did not want to force it and break something else.

    Does the cable go bad? Something blocking the cable or the choke mechanism...Going over the forum there seems to be an occasional problem with the choke mechanism at the carbs...IDEAS?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The cable can go bad. The slide could seize, 1 or more plungers could stick in thier bore. All easily checked but the tank has to come off to do so.
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        The cable was pinched in the bend at the carb end. Replaced cable, $18 on ebay, adjusted, works great again. A happy Kat.